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Celebrate Elton John's "Wonderful Crazy Night"

If you’ve “read it in a magazine” your eyes are correct. British pop-rock vocalist, pianist, composer and most iconic artist of the 20th century Elton John is making a comeback. After The Diving Board (2013) Sir Elton is onto his 32rd studio album Wonderful Crazy Night. Produced by himself and T-Bone Burnett and recorded at the Village studio in Los Angeles, this album is soon to be another treasure in music history, with tracks including his singles “Blue Wonderful” and "Looking Up." With well over 30 years of creating musical masterpieces, calling it quits is not a part of his agenda.

A part of Sir Elton's musical motivation serves for his father, Stanley Dwight, who passed away 15 years ago. Though his father never envisioned him as a performer, Elton still continues to rise up (like the Rocket Man he is...) He has performed over 3,500 concerts in 80 countries, was nominated 11 times for a Grammy, and racked up 37 gold and 27 multi-platinum albums. Though he isn’t concerned about Wonderful Crazy Night being a diamond album, he appreciates the fact that he can still do what he loves and still be “king." No doubt, he’s left his mark. "It’s not my time anymore,” states Sir Elton.


In his eyes, music is not about being the best - it’s about “freedom.” In a new generation of music royalties, Elton John shares his passion with others, collaborating with artists such as Lady GagaHe inspires me in ways I could not even begin to list properly,” Gaga expresses. Impacting artists such as Billy Joel, Sting, George Michael, Crowded House and Gaga, to name a few, this Rocket Man’s artistry is majestic. John brings music of the past and present and future on “timeless flight.”

You can listen & purchase Wonderful Crazy Night on iTunes HERE

Written by Atlantis A