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Celebrating 30 Years of Janet Jackson's 'Control'

Thirty years ago today, Janet Jackson took Control of her life and never looked back. Dumping her father, Joe Jackson, as her manager and teaming up with former Prince duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jackson released the 9-track iconic and emancipatory album that paved the way for her illustrious career that has placed her in the top ten of most awarded American entertainers and garnered her close to 200 million album sales. Control helped Janet move out of her brother's shadows and declare an empire and fan base all her own which still stands strong today as seen by the success of her Unbreakable album and world tour. Control marked the beginning of an incredible videography that has helped inspire the music video format that we all know of today. To celebrate the glory that is Control let's take a look at all of the videos from the 1986 album.

"What Have You Done For Me Lately"


"When I Think of You"


"Let's Wait Awhile"

"Pleasure Principle"



written by: Mercedes D

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Written by Mercedes D

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