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Go All In On: Rihanna's "ANTI" Standout Tracks

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When Rihanna revealed the title to her upcoming 8th album she gave us all a hint to what was in store – a body of work that was simply the antithesis. The antithesis to everything that we know Rihanna for: club bangers, big stadium anthems, a lot of showboating on rhythmic beats; Anti is intimate, small, minimalist: focusing on vocal stretching, unpolished honesty and a hazy atmosphere. Those who were hoping that explosive dance hits would be the result of three years of work are surely disappointed, but all of us who are willing to hear a new Rihanna that has more to offer than flirty lyrics and predictable build-ups will surely appreciate the vocal, musical, and topical changes of a woman who is seemingly growing tired of the pop-machine. Rihanna is trying to find and assert a new voice that is seemingly futuristic while being firmly placed in current sounds. Rihanna as the fashionista and pop star has already been created and celebrated -- its time we give Rihanna, the artist, a chance.

You should go all in on the entire album, really, but if you want to get straight to the gems, here are five tracks from Anti that you should Go All In On...

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Written by Mercedes D

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