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The Best Pick-Up Lines from Charlie Puth's "Nine Track Mind"

Charlie Puth’s new album Nine Track Mind - released Friday - is a collection of beautiful, heart-warming, sexy love songs that will undoubtedly get all the gals and guys in the mood. GrooveVolt thinks that everyone should give the album a listen and take note - Chivalry is not dead just yet! So lets take a minute to look at some of the best pick up lines à la Charlie Puth and get that winter snow melting...

Disclaimer: These pick-up lines may or may not work. Groovevolt takes no responsibility for any drinks thrown in faces, awkward pauses or disastrous dates that may ensue.  Please use carefully. 





’I’ll be there to save the day, Superman got nothing on me’ 

- One Call Away, Charlie Puth (Track 1)

When to use it: Confidence is key. This could be a classic (cheesy) pick-up line whilst waiting at the bar. Comparing yourself to a super-hero; what could possibly go wrong?!

’Theres beautiful and then there’s you’ 

- Then There's You, Charlie Puth (Track 9)

When to use it: When she’s getting dolled-up for date night.

’Lets Marvin Gaye and get it on’

- Marvin Gaye, Charlie Puth (Ft Meghan Trainor) (Track 3)

When to use it: If you don’t know, don’t bother.

‘For you I could climb Mount Kilimanjaro a thousand times’

- As You Are, Charlie Puth (Ft Shy Carter) (Track 11)

When to use it: This borders on the WAY too mushy. Leave this as a pick-up line during serious relationships only - otherwise you’ll risk sounding like Miley Cyrus.

'You know just one touch can keep me high'

- Up All Night, Charlie Puth (Track 7)

When to use it: Anytime... this will definitely turn up the heat.

'Ain't no other man gon' make you feel the same, I wanna make love’

- Suffer, Charlie Puth (Track 10)

When to use it: Timing is key here. Don't say it if you can't live up to your promises. Charlie Puth has some serious confidence.

'I’m not afraid to look insane, cause i’m crazy about you’

- My Gospel, Charlie Puth (Track 6)

When to use it: When you need to break the ice. ‘Did it hurt? (What) When you fell from heaven’ much?! 

'Didn’t care if the explosion ruined me, Baby, I loved you dangerously'

- Dangerously, Charlie Puth (Track 2)

When to use it: A pick-up line used to re-ignite an old flame. Every girl loves a bad-boy.

Clearly Charlie Puth knows how to spin a phrase to get those girls a-running. Well played!

written by: Ally D

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Written by Ally D

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