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Brandy Speaks on "Beggin' and Pleadin'" Story

If you haven't heard Brandy's latest release, "Beggin' and Pleadin'", do yourself a favor. This release was huge for the vocal sensation - an absolute power anthem to let everyone know that Brandy has truly got it despite her silence. The track has been on steady rotation since its release and only amping up lovers of this fantastic R&B sensation. When asked about the track, Brandy says,

“This particular song is freedom…freedom, liberty, to express myself in the most interesting [and] edgiest way possible,” Brandy explained.  “I just like the way it makes me feel when I hear it and I like the way it sounds when I hear it back. It feels like I’m listening to somebody else and not me. That’s what makes it different…It makes me feel bossy…I just feel empowered by it. I feel empowered by the story. I feel empowered by the production.”

Watch her full behind-the-scenes below.

Written by GrooveVolt

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