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Adele's "Hello" Record Broken by David Bowie

On the day we were hit with the tragic news of David Bowie's death, the charts took a huge shift as Bowie lovers all over the globe listened to his new album, Blackstar, in a whole new light. On this day, Adele’s single-day Vevo record was broken by the legend himself, drawing 51 million views on January 11. This is the highest one-day total views for any artist, breaking Adele’s previous triumph of 36 million streams on October 23 when “Hello” premiered.

"Lazarus," the new video from Bowie, gained 11.1 million streams and Blackstar hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200, ending Adele's 25 the seven-week streak.


written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt