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Erykah Badu has "Trill Friends" on her next mixtape

Erykah Badu, the Queen of Neo-soul has been feeling new music lately. On her Soundcloud page she released her remix of Kanye Wests “Real Friends” from his upcoming album Swish. Her mix of Wests’s beat with the play on lyrics from Whodini’s 1987 “Friends” makes for an epic track. She explains that the remix is from her forthcoming mix tape, THIS $h!t TOO EASY.

Her continuous love of hip hop has had the singer working hard on new projects. Her latest mix tape But You Caint Use My Phone featured a dope mix of Drake’s Hotline Bling. So keep an eye on ms. Badoula because she stays low-key with her music and can never go wrong.

For more information: Erykah Badu

Written by Kimberly Q