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Katy Perry Wishes Young Burn Victim Happy Holidays

You might've caught wind of the sweet little girl, Safyre Terry, who is only 8 years old and suffering from series burn trauma. The fire took the lives of some of her family members, leaving her very heartbroken during the holidays...

The most precious Safyre asked for one thing - a letter from Katy Perry... And she got just that.


"Safyre, I heard about your Christmas wish and am so honored that you saved the top of the tree for me! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. I'll be thinking of you on Christmas day, Special girl,” Katy wrote on her card.

In addition to the hand-written letter, Katy also included in her care package a hoodie, a backpack, a DVD of Perry’s Prismatic tour, a DVD of her movie Part of Me, an iPhone 6 case and a kitty black cat purse.

Perry Christmas, Safyre!

Written by GrooveVolt