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Radiohead Share The Best "Spectre" Bond Theme Yet

The latest James Bond film, Spectre, was the buzz of 2015. With Sam Smith revamping the theme earlier this year, the young artist was handed the opportunity to really let his vocal colors fly. This version of the song solidified the theme and stance that Smith has on the soundtrack... But not so fast! It looks like there's another group of people asked to record their version of the Spectre theme - and it's none other than Radiohead.


In typical Thom Yorke fashion, combining elements of eerie strings, hollow vocals and cinematic flairs, the track is a rather haunting (yet beautiful) rendition. Why it wasn't chosen as the final is unsaid, but either way, Radiohead deemed it worthy of releasing regardless... And we're incredibly happy about it. "Spectre" is reminiscent of enchanting songs from their past (like "Videotape" and "Nude" for example)

Written by GrooveVolt