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Björk Brings You Inside for "Mouth Mantra"

“Mouth Mantra” is the latest video release from creative force Björk. Filmed almost entirely from inside of Björk’s mouth during a performance of the song, the viewer is taken literally inside of her... It’s a vulnerable move, which is exactly what London-based video artist Jesse Kanda wanted stating that “if there’s one thing I’d like for people to take away from this video, it’s the power of vulnerability.” The inside of her mouth, her tongue, teeth, and saliva are distorted and twisted turning her mouth into a sci-fi landscape. The darkness of the video plays on her lyrics of silencing and lost of power from not being heard, being literally blocked from speaking due to surgery on her vocal chords. Björk’s mouth becomes an alien-like cave that’s enclosed and blocked off – as one is when no one can or will hear them. For now, the video is in 2-D, with Björk promising to turn it into an “immersive 3D [experience] on the Björk virtual reality app” there hasn’t been an exact date given yet but its no doubt going to be an intense experience.

Written by Mercedes D

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