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Is Coldplay Still Exciting? A Head Full of Dreams Releases Today

For over 15 years, Coldplay has been known as an absolute staple in the industry of music. Iconically providing fans all over the globe with life-lifting anthems and complex projects, the following this UK band has built up is hard to come by. They speak of love, bliss, sadness, hope, and living in a way that is emotionally-charged and moving, and this aspect is what makes Coldplay resonate with so many people in so many places. It's quite common to mention the guys and immediately hear Chris Martin's vocals flow through your mind, with signature sounds of beautiful guitars and string sections... But after so many years, is it time for a switch up?


The band's motive is built on inspiration and a sense of things "always getting better" - you will likely never hear a track that discourages a listener. Paired with this is very booming instrumentals that are, as always, undeniably captivating. Artists tend to evolve, change their sound and experiment as they progress, but it seems as though Coldplay likes to stay in a comfortable place.


Their latest album, A Head Full of Dreams (iTunes), released today and many are saying is, "too predictable"... Or is it? Before you listen, we'll give you a brief rundown of what to expect.


Flavors of this album range from retro to R&B to pop. The mix of sounds brings you a triumphant-feeling compilation. Tracks like "Adventure of a Lifetime" and "Up&Up" will lift you and energize you in signature Coldplay fashion. If you listen closely, the band's inspiration was carried out so much to sample Obama's reciting of "Amazing Grace". There are sing-along breakdowns, encouraging lyrics and overall a ton of positivity - both lyrically and instrumentally.


Overall, A Head Full of Dreams preaches that you can overcome just about anything. Rise above what you've been through, what you've seen and what you've experienced to find happiness in the darkest of places. Is this just a duplicate album in comparison to their past? Perhaps. Either way, the message is a good one and the music sounds great. We're happy to have another.


Written by GrooveVolt