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Animal Collective Preview Tenth Album With New Single, 'FloriDada'

You read right - TENTH album. Animal Collective, the Baltimore trio best known for their catchy, indie-psych tunes, have been a bit silent for the past couple years. We knew it wouldn't be long before the guys unveiled what's been up their sleeves, and today we're here to bring you the first taste of that. Take a peek at the brand new single, 'FloriDada', claimed to be (by founding member Dave Portner) "a song. an idea. an ideal."

Listen as, in typical Animal Collective fashion, the vocals oscillate off each other while rippling, trance production clashes and makes you feel a bit dizzy... in all the right ways.

'FloriDada' previews the highly-anticipated album, Painting With, set to release February 19th. According to a press release, Painting With is "an album all about art and the human experience", recorded by Panda Bear, Avey Tare, and Geologist at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, featuring contributions from John Cale and Colin Stetson. To accompany this thought process is the selection of three different album covers, highlighting an abstract painting of each member... (How spoiled are we!?) Check them out below.

AnimalCollectiveWIG362cover3_PandaBear_kc8xua AnimalCollectiveWIG362cover1_AveyTare_xq45me AnimalCollectiveWIG362cover2_Geologist_krkvaz

Painting With track list:

01 FloriDada
02 Hocus Pocus
03 Vertical
04 Lying in the Grass
05 The Burglars
06 Natural Selection
07 Bagels In Kiev
08 On Delay
09 Spilling Guts
10 Summing The Wretch
11 Golden Gal
12 Recycling

Written by GrooveVolt