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Erykah Badu Drops New Mixtape

We've been waiting for Erykah Badu to break her silence for years. Today is that day. Titled But You Caint Use My Phone, the 11-track mixtape (Control Freaq Records) is a compilation of groovy synth-hop tracks accompanied by telephone-related lyrics. We haven't caught wind of what exactly this project consisted of, but today exposed all of that and it wasn't what we expected - Andre 3000, her former lover and baby daddy, appears on the last track, 'Hello'. To join him on the mixtape is Drake, of which most of the inspiration was stemmed from.


But You Caint Use My Phone is quite different than what the neo-soul queen is known for releasing, but has a strangely recognizable sound. She has always called herself "Analog girl in a digital world".. Now you know. This mixtape is signature Erykah: incredibly galactic, new-age and innovative. And if you're super familiar with her, you'll be intensely reminded of her latest project New Amerykah Pt. 1 & 2


A press release stated:

The mixtape expertly weaves Erykah Badu’s trademark soulful vocals with psychedelic soundscapes, hip-hop-inflected beats, smooth R&B, jazz, art-rock and found sounds into a new genre Erykah describes as TRap & B. Badu and Witnessin dedicated a lot of time to precise mixing work, toying with EQs and other filters so that the sound’s frequency and vibration move in tandem to capture a feeling she refers to as “sympathetic vibration.” Badu also used a tuning fork and Tibetan singing bowls to fine-tune these details, with the goal of creating a sound that brings peace and tranquility to its listener. It is a sound that Badu herself referrers to as a “whole new frequency” for fans.

Grab it here via iTunes/Apple Music until December 4th when it is released to the rest of streaming services.

Groovevolt favorites: 'What's Yo Phone Number' / 'Dialafreaq'


Written by GrooveVolt