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'Say Love' Shows JoJo's Pure Emotion

The comeback just keeps coming. Following JoJo's "When Love Hurts" video release earlier this fall, things get a little grittier and emotional in her new video for Say Love. The song itself hits home in a lot of ways, and it is clear that the pop star intended on having a visual element that aligned with the passion put into this track.

Say Love shows JoJo somewhere remote and restorative, while her unidentified man swoops in and spends some time with her on this little getaway. At first you think things are good, but it's not entirely convincing. In fact, things seem to be a bit rough. Either way, this song itself was definitely the stand out on her recently released Tringleshowcasing nothing but her ability to serve vocal power.

written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt

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