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Gwen Stefani Returns With 'Used To Love You'

After over 20 years of rock/ska band, No Doubt, the world is still "speaking" Gwen Stefani. Today, the timeless rock star released her video for Used To Love You - don't get too excited. In one still frame, Gwen is shot showing raw emotion... and that's just about it. At least the song is good.

In a city that never sleeps, Stefani nearly had fans in tears, as she rocked the stage at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom, performing new, heartfelt song, Used to Love You (directed by Sophie Muller). Back in the Return of Saturn (iTunes) days of No Doubt, Stefani reflects on her own complications of marriage, wanting to settle down, in Simple Kind of Life. Now in her new song, Used to Love You, she is ending the chapter to her "simple love story".

Stefani reflects on her previous split with Gavin Rossdale, "I was the best thing that ever happened to you, now look at what you lost." No doubt, this woman's more than "just a girl." She's empowering, loving, and can still rock the stage, as she did in the early Orange County, No Doubt days of college friends, spaghetti picnics, and 'Sunday mornings.' A talented soul, with a huge heart, and a dazzling spirit of "rock steady vibes," Gwen Stefani's still got it. So, get ready to "keep on dancing!"

Used To Love You is available for digital download here.


written by: Atlantis A

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Written by Atlantis A

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