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Hear Demi Lovato's 'Confident' Album

Self-love, empowerment, positivity - Demi Lovato is confident. Today, the former Disney Channel star, and now otherwise a sexy, motivating young woman, releases her project Confident (iTunes). Compiling an album full of tracks that preach about staying true to oneself and the harsh realities of overcoming mental illness, Confident is nothing short of inspiring and solidifies Demi's stance in the music she makes.

Simplicity is something this pop star rides on. Stating this with her campaign in no make up, completely naked, the statement she is portraying is something of being comfortable in your own skin and not over-doing anything. This, ironically enough, doesn't necessarily apply to Confident, as the songs are flooded with layering, electo-pop flavors, synth overload, and a whole lot of vocal power.

You'll find a good deal of tracks that could be considered over-produced, but don't fret - Demi's ability to pull out a ballad and prove to the world that she can sang is still alive and well. Want to feel something? Press play on Father, Someone Like You and Stone Cold. You can find her performing this live in the studio - the woman has some serious soul.

If you're up for a variety, you're up for Confident. Demi's message is a definitely a positive one, and the passion in her music is evident.

written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt