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Chris Brown Releases Double Video "Liquor/Zero"

Chris Brown's newest video Liquor/Zero offers fans a two-for-one special. The nearly 10 minute visual starts with the trippy, smooth tune Liquor. A sullen Brown sits alone at a bar when a beautiful woman offers him a drink -- which to his surprise is spiked. The drugged beverage sends Brown into a psychedelic trip as he and the femme fatale end up in her fun house. After ending this rendezvous, a taxi drops CB off to find presumably his girlfriend (different from the femme fatale) throwing his things out of the window. This apparently sobers him up and with a quick outfit change the audience is brought into his next song Zero and the second half of the video. Now with a clear mind and a jubilant smile, Brown is accompanied by a crew of dancers as he dances off his relationship worries singing "Ask how many nights I've been thinking about you -- Zero."

The double video shows off Chris Brown's versatility, with Liquor showcasing his R&B chops and Zero proving he has equal footing in the Pop world. Brown's dancing is at 100 percent and his energy is at full max. If Liquor/Zero are a preview for his new album Royalty we're all in for a musical treat.

written by: Mercedes D

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Written by Mercedes D

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