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Lady Gaga Reveals Powerful New Video

Lady Gaga has released a new controversial video for her latest song Til It Happens To You. You might expect the pop sensation to appear in her obscure fashions, eclectic atmospheres and portray a wild story.. But, in fact, she herself doesn't even appear in it. Til It Happens To You was created in association with the documentary The Hunting Ground, aimed at raising awareness of sexual violence on American college campuses. According to the song credits, "one in five women will be sexually assaulted this year..."

A trigger warning at the start of the video warns viewers of the confronting content, which depicts four women - one of whom is depicted as transgender - being sexually assaulted. It's not pleasant to watch, but that is the intention. Gaga has made a stand and is using her relevance and power in the world to raise awareness.

Proceeds of Til It Happens To You will be donated to sexual assault survivors.

Written by GrooveVolt

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