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Naughty Boy Unveils "Runnin" (Lose It All)

Naughty Boy releases his new single ‘Runnin’ (Lose it all)’ featuring Beyoncé and newcomer Arrow Benjamin, a multi-talented, south London singer/songwriter, who fuses gospel, pop and soul into his own unique sound. Naughty Boy, the Watford-born producer and songwriter continues his reign as one the UK’s foremost in-demand composers. Scoring a UK No.1 single with ‘La, La, La’, featuring a then unknown Sam Smith, the video for the track has had over 575 million views to date, has been No.1 on iTunes in 48 countries and Top 10 on iTunes in 90 countries. Check out the aquatic, captivating video below.

“In order to achieve the effect we were after we had to film in the middle of a fast, deep and quite dangerous current through a lagoon, this gave us the forward momentum you see in the film. They didn't use tanks for air so everything you see in the film was done holding their breath, sometimes up to 6 minutes at a time. I still can’t quite believe how they do it. No CGI was used. Quite something.”

written by: GrooveVolt

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Written by GrooveVolt