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To Interview a Legend: Kendrick Lamar sits with Quincy Jones

“And the last thing that’s gonna be on this planet is water and music. People cannot live without music, man.”

-- Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones continuously dropped gems of knowledge in his one-on-one interview with rapper, Kendrick Lamar. Lamar, no stranger to interviewing icons (NWA for their film Straight Outta Compton and a kind of interview with Tupac in Mortal Man) beams with giddiness as he sits and contemplates interviewing such a giant. Lamar jokingly gloats, “This shit kind of big, huh? It’s Quincy Jones boy. Don’t talk to me no more.” The love is mutual with the two fist bumping throughout the video and Jones telling the photographer that Kendrick is a “beautiful brother.” Quincy teaches so much in just three minutes; imagine what Lamar got to hear off camera.

Watch now to see the legend and the legend-in-the-making laugh and talk about Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the origins of rap, and why music is more important than fame.


written by: Mercedes D

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Written by Mercedes D

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