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New Prince Album ‘HITNRUN Phase One’ on TIDAL

Exactly one month after announcing that he will release his next album exclusively on TIDAL, Prince made HITNRUN Phase One available to all TIDAL users on Sept 7. The project includes two singles previously released on TIDAL, HARDROCKLOVER and This Could B Us. The album is available to all of its users, with new users also being offered a month's subscription, free-of-charge.


To make the deal even sweeter, TIDAL has announced a “Purple Pick of the Week” which includes new and rare tracks personally curated by Prince. Prince’s involvement brings a certain royalty to the already star studded streaming service which boasts part-owners like Madonna, Beyoncé, and of course Jay-Z. The release of HITNRUN via TIDAL also signifies the warming up of Prince’s icy cool stance against the Internet. Though he has nearly deleted all of his songs and videos from different websites, including YouTube, he has taken on TIDAL (and sometimes Spotify) as a new way to release music to his fans. TIDAL has positioned itself as a service for and by artists who are looking to be more in control of the way their music is shared and consumed. The addition of Prince only solidifies this, for who else has fought as hard and as famously for the rights to their music than, prince.

Stream Prince's exclusive album here via TIDAL

Written by Mercedes D