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Memorable Moments: Happy "BeyDay" Beyoncé!

Today might be more relevant than most well-known holidays  - Queen Beyoncé celebrates her 34th year on Earth! Imagining what life would be like without her is incomprehensible, as she has shaped the music industry, the minds of society, and the overall steez of the world. Her exceptional presence is nothing but a blessing, and we're celebrating her existence today with all the empowering, feel-good tunes she has given us. Let's take a mini-journey through Bey's shining moments together.




This child evolved and was doing big things at a young age, contending in Star Search with the girl group Girls Tyme.


After shockingly losing the Star Search battle, the gals lost the stragglers and moved on to become Destiny's Child, signing to Columbia Records. The trio (consisting of Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) topped Billboard charts dozens of times, making a timeless name for themselves.



To give things a little twist, Bey is then featured in an Austin Powers movie - as the fierce Foxxy Cleopatra

"You're under arrest, shuga."



Soon after, Bey finds herself a little love interest (that eventually turns to an empire) with hip-hop legend Jay-Z.


Dangerously In Love (iTunes) follows... Enough said.



Bey lands the lead role of Deena Jones (an ode to Diana Ross) in 2006 DreamGirls.



2008 approaches and Beyoncé releases her arguably most iconic track, Single Ladies.


Collaborating with our first lady, Michelle Obama, a song + video are released to raise awareness to the problem of child obesity, titled Move Your Body.


This is, without question, one of the queen's best performances. Billboard Music Awards 2011.


The day we've all been waiting for.. January 2012 - Blue Ivy Carter is brought into the world! We can only image the legacy this child is going to live with one of the most powerful couples in the world as her parents.

blue ivy


Coming as an absolute shock to us, Beyoncé drops a self-titled, surprise visual album (iTunes). We repeat: a surprise visual album.



What's next from this superstar? Nobody ever knows. What we do know is that Beyoncé has a huge abundance of universal love and appreciation, and we all look forward to what's to come. Happy B'Day, Queen Bey!



Written by GrooveVolt

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