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Iggy Azalea halts before shading Janelle Monae

In a recent interview rapper and waste of radio space, Jideena made claims that his latest single, "Classic Man," does not sample Iggy Azalea's, "Fancy," but still Iggy gets a percentage of the publishing. As if we care that much about what he has to say but his mentor, Janelle Monae jumped in and reminded us, “She steals from us, we steal back.” Now Janelle O'Day, come on? Was that at all necessary?

Iggy felt he need to respond but this time she kept it short and sweet, “Another disgruntled artist ive never met throwing shade at me on the radio isnt news, its just another day at hot 97,  Im bored.” I think Miss O'Day is sad that her purse is being pulled in different directions #imjustsaying

What are you saying? I would love to hear your point of view.

-- Miss Madam

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written by: Groovevolt

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Written by Groovevolt