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Elton John recovering after surgery


Icon Elton John recently entered Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco to be treated for an inflamed appendix and surrounding abscess. The singer was forced to cancel his tour which was scheduled to start this summer. His publicist said in a statement at the the time, "Elton is incredibly disappointed to postpone these tour dates," adding, "To know that he made such super-human efforts and continued to perform to thousands through his illness only confirms his dedication to his European fans. He is eager to be back on top form and return to play the remaining shows starting in early September 2013."

The singer is expected to pick back up on September 2nd at the Brit Icon Awards. He is currently prepping his Capital debut, The Driving Board to be released in September, "I want to try to make records like that. (Dylan) is the person we aspire to be," he said. "The advantage of having Bernie is that he's always been a cinematic writer and working with him is still as exciting as it was in 1967."

written by: Groovevolt

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Written by Groovevolt